12 Weeks of Peace

Week 10: Remembering Your Loved One

Moving forward and continuing to live your life is essential, but we understand that you always will want a way to carry your loved one with you. Week 10 is filled with interesting and creative ideas to continue their legacy, including memorials, activities, and donations. Considering that you’ll never forget them, there’s nothing wrong with carving out certain times or places dedicated to their memory. Week 10 will show you some ways you can do that.

Day 64: One Day at a Time

The best way to get through your grief is one day at a time. Don’t set unrealistic goals such as “I will feel this much better in three weeks.” Focus on small, achievable milestones in your day – having breakfast, getting dressed, etc. Getting through seemingly mindless tasks like these while dealing with grief can all be counted as little victories. It may take you months or even years to find your way out of grief, and you shouldn’t worry if it takes you a long time. Be proud the progress you have made, and trust that you will continue to feel better as you are naturally meant to.

Day 65: Remembering Your Loved One: Something Old, Something New

Deciding what to do with someone’s possessions after they pass can be particularly painful. Fortunately, there are many creative ways you can bring a special possession of your loved one back to life. For example, you can fashion one of their old T-shirts into a memory pillow, or a bunch of their old clothing into a quilt. Companies like Project Repat will make the quilt for you if you send them the clothes, or if you’re particularly crafty, you could make it yourself.

Another route you can take is jewelry. Whether you’re turning an old ring into a necklace or just wearing their favorite piece of jewelry, this is a beautiful way to carry them with you every day.

The Modern Mourner is a great site with different options for repurposing old possessions into lovely keepsakes.

Day 66: Remembering Your Loved One: Connect through Their Passions

Your loved one may no longer be physically here, but you can continue getting to know them. Did they have a hobby or a passion? Piano, basketball, drawing, kayaking … whatever it may be, try it out yourself. As you do it, try to learn more about them and what it is about this activity that they loved.

Day 67: Remembering Your Loved One: Make Memories Tangible

You never want to have to stress about losing track of your favorite memories. Make an activity out of putting objects it in a tangible and enjoyable medium. Use pictures, art, and smaller possessions to make a scrapbook. Put your favorite photo in a nice frame, or make a collage using several photos. They can be random memories, in chronological order, or from a special event. If you have videos, edit them together and make montages or slideshows. Doing this will allow you to carefully go through everything, bringing up lovely memories and ensuring they stay with you forever.

Day 68: Remembering Your Loved One: Give Back in Their Name

Make a donation in your loved one’s name to a charity, project, or organization they were passionate about. You can keep their name and memory alive through improving the lives of others. It is a wonderful way to honor them and their interests.

Day 69: Remembering Your Loved One: Have a Day of Remembrance

This could be on their birthday or an anniversary. It is healthy to choose a special day of the year to dedicate to your loved one’s memory. Bring friends and family members together. You can share photographs and tell stories; do a group activity such as playing their favorite board game or a family vacation to their favorite place. The specifics of the day should be unique to your loved one and your family. What matters is that while you are learning to continue on with your life, you still recognize how important this person is by devoting a special day to them.

Day 70: Remembering Your Loved One: Carry Them with You

Following a loss, the feeling of carrying your loved one with you can be comforting. There are many ways you can do this. You can engrave a watch or piece of jewelry with their name, or you can wear a locket holding their picture. Another way to remember a loved one is with cremation or remembrance jewelry, available in the form of pendants, rings, bracelets, necklaces, or lockets. They can hold a small portion of cremated remains, or store a lock of hair or a piece of cloth.