What is cremation?

Cremation is the process of returning the body to nature with the use of heat and evaporation. Cremation is accepted worldwide. More and more people from all social, religious, and economic backgrounds are choosing cremation as an alternative to the full traditional funeral. In some states, the cremation rate is higher than 60 percent.

Is cremation complicated?

No. It is perhaps the easiest way to ensure that your loved ones will not be faced with the burdens associated with a full traditional funeral such as selecting a casket or arranging for a viewing.

Is cremation affordable?

The average cost of cremation is one-third less than the average cost of traditional funeral and burial.

Can cremation include a memorial service?

Yes. Cremation Society of Pennsylvania, Inc. can help you plan for any kind of memorial service you desire. The service can be held at a place of worship, a cemetery, your home or another place of your choosing.

Must I buy a casket if I want cremation?

No. Cremation Society of Pennsylvania, Inc. does not require one. Very few funeral homes own their own crematory, therefore they are at the mercy of their crematory provider. We have our own crematories and do not require a casket. We do provide a cardboard container for the deceased, which is included in our price.

Must I be embalmed if I want cremation?

No. Pennsylvania law states that after 24 hours after death, the deceased must be either embalmed or refrigerated. Very few funeral homes have refrigeration. Therefore after 24 hours, most funeral homes may require that the deceased be embalmed. If they do not embalm, then that funeral home may be in violation of the law. We have refrigeration and it is included in the price.

Can the deceased by cremated immediately after death?

No. Pennsylvania law states that you cannot cremate in the first 24 hours after death.

What paperwork is required before cremation can take place?

We need written permission from the next-of-kin. There must be a signed death certificate from either the attending physician or coroner. Once the death certificate has been completed, we must then receive permission to cremate from the county coroner. Once all this has been received, we will then schedule the cremation with the crematory.

How do we differ from the average funeral home?

The Cremation Society of Pennsylvania, Inc. specializes exclusively in cremation services.* We have our own crematorium and refrigeration facilities, so no embalming is required. We serve the entire state of Pennsylvania, and offer transportation services for your loved ones at no extra charge.

*Our Harrisburg location offers burial, funeral, and embalming services in addition to cremation services.