{ "@context": "https://schema.org", "@type": "LocalBusiness", "name": "Cremation Society Of Pennsylvania - Scranton", "logo": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/4eCh8GpOS1E6baq9_rVSS6uHoi92Er1S-nBW2Edigl4MUhxW-9b053pw15YnIK345iIB1cMW3jOrJmbY=s239-c", "image": "https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Qq5i3_iPGyDTT2Fs6GQEyKRzdgVSAd67uceozupZmdCsWDXimzX6NjJgYfYaB2-Su1Bf6yplaecOFTLu=s239-c", "@id": "https://cremationofpennsylvania.com/faqs/", "description": "Cremation Society Of Pennsylvania is the most trusted cremation service in Scranton and the surrounding areas. Thanks to the loyal support of generations of families, we’ve been able to assist the residents of Scranton in making the cremation process as easy as possible. Our experienced team will help to carry out the final wishes of loved ones affordably, and with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Finding a quality cremation service is always hard, but the Cremation Society Of PA in Scranton strives to make the process as stress-free as possible each step of the way.", "url": "https://cremationofpennsylvania.com/location/scranton-pa/", "telephone": "(570) 740-3303", "priceRange": "$$-$$$", "address" : "320 Highway 315 suite 240, Pittston, PA 18640", "location" : { "@type" : "Crematorium", "name" : "Cremation Society Of Pennsylvania - Scranton", "address" : "320 Highway 315 suite 240, Pittston, PA 18640" }, "geo": { "@type": "GeoCoordinates", "latitude": 41.313825241127155, "longitude": -75.75732734519998 }, "openingHoursSpecification": { "@type": "OpeningHoursSpecification", "dayOfWeek": [ "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday" ], "opens": "00:00", "closes": "23:59" } }

Scranton, PA

Cremation Society of Pennsylvania, Inc. at Scranton

Contact Information

Cremation Society of Pennsylvania Scranton, PA

320 Highway 315 suite 240
Pittston, PA 18640

Call Now: (570) 740-3303

Office Hours: M-F: 8:30AM-5PM

About Us

Our Scranton staff is available to serve you at any time of day. Contact us via phone or the contact form on this page for assistance.

In The Community

We enjoy participating in community and volunteer events, and getting to know you! Check out what we’ve been up to by following our Facebook posts. You can like us by clicking the Facebook "Like Page" button below.