Thinking Ahead

Your Planniversary

Congratulations on creating a lasting, specific plan for your end-of-life care and services. So many people don’t take the time to plan ahead, but you’ve faced the emotional talks and your own mortality to do so. Perhaps it wasn’t easy, but the peace of mind that you and your loved ones will have near the end of your life will be well worth it. Your plan may be one of the greatest gifts you give to those who live on once you’re gone.

Remember to update your information whenever something changes and consult the professionals and loved ones who have helped you if you need more assistance. To help you do that, we send an email once a year to remind you to update your information. This is called your “Planniversary.”

If you have subscribed to Thinking Ahead: Putting Your Affairs in Order in 6 Weeks, then you are also subscribed to Planniversary.

Every year on January 22nd, we will send you one email reminding you to double check that your plans are still applicable to your wishes. Unlike Thinking Ahead, there are no checklists or extra tasks. It only serves as a reminder to keep your plans updated over the years.

On January 22nd, Cremation Society of Pennsylvania will celebrate everyone’s Planniversary on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets to encourage conversations about end-of-life planning. Who knows – you may get a neat idea or inspire someone else!

No matter who you made your plans with, we at Cremation Society of Pennsylvania are happy that you took the time to Think Ahead.